I. Modest Progress Toward an Increasingly Distant Goal
1. Environmental and Public Health Protection: Steps Forward and Steps Back
2. Growing Consumption and Population
3. Greater Poverty, Unemployment, and Attention to Environmental Justice
4. The Built Environment: Shifting Toward Sustainability
5. Governance: Communities as Sustainability Leaders, States as Energy Leaders (and the Federal Government Catching Up?)
6. Improving Opportunities for Sustainability Education and Engagement
7. International Activity: A More-Sustainable Direction but Reduced Influence

II. Drivers for Sustainability
8. Growing Support in Spite of Mixed Public Opinion
9. More-Sustainable Decisions Are Easier to Make and More Attractive
10. Lawmaking Is Not Limited to Environmental Regulation

III. Obstacles to Further Progress
11. Habits, Lack of Urgency, and Uncertainty About Alternatives
12. Unsupportive Law and Governance
13. Political Opposition and Growing Influence of Other Countries

IV. Accelerating Progress, Overcoming Obstacles
14. More and Better Sustainability Choices
15. Law for Sustainability
16. Visionary and Pragmatic Governance
17. An American Sustainability Movement

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